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DIY Indoor Herb Planters

Planters can be easily found in any garden centre but if you want the right ones for your herbs you may want to make your own! Remember that you don’t need a lot of space and that sometimes just a Windowsill can be enough space!

How do I make an indoor herb box?

Old plastic containers make very good herb planters. This is because they are freely available! You can easily ensure that they have adequate drainage as well.

Can herbs be grown indoors?

Certain herbs can be grown indoors very successfully. Actually this can be a very good way to ensure a year round harvest! Herbs like Basil, Mint, Parsley and Chives do very well in a warm spot. However the more shrub type of herbs do well indoors over winter only.

How to Make An Indoor Herb Planter

By using an old margarine container you have a free pot. They are pretty ugly so why not up-cycle them into a very chic indoor herb planter for your windowsill? You can also use their lids as water catchers in case of over watering.
You will need ;
An old plastic container – like a margarine sized one for wider sills.
Some Macrame Cord 3mm , or vibrant wool
PVA glue and a paint brush to apply it.
Use a nail and hammer to pop some drainage holes in the bottom.

The ingredients need to make the ultimate herb planters
We love macrame rope and will be showing you more ways to increase your herb productivity with hanging planters!

Step 1. start by painting a ring of glue around the top lip of the tub.

Step 2. then push the end of the macrame cord into the underside of the lip. Work your way around the tub ensuring no gaps between each row of the rope.

This is a child friendly project  and will get them into growing herbs indoors.
Just be aware that PVA glue is ideal as it will wash out easily, but do avoid your hair still!

You will keep going, gluing and turning the tub around, pushing the rope to touch the last row. If you go for the thicker rope, you may need to flatten it a bit to make sure that none of the plastic shows through. We are using 3mm here.

Once it has dried you will be able to chose what you want to grow in the planter.

You can use any different single use plastic to make herb planters.
You can get creative and avoid throwing quite a bit out. These make ideal gifts for friends!
Planters for parsley that fit on your windowsill

Planters for all of your herbs

As these planters are for indoor use I am not too worried about the lack of sturdiness of the pot. However we do have a few more ideas coming soon…..

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