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Chickens get everywhere

Alex Tranter from The Mini Smallholder

I am the author of Homegrown Herb Garden as well as chief chicken perch.

We are obsessed with eating fresh food that we have grown ourselves. Believing that reducing our food miles is one of the easiest changes we can make. By sharing our journey and using what we have learned we hope to inspire others to try to make the most of the space that they have.

We have a large garden but want to share tips for maximising the space you have! To have a homegrown herb garden all you need is a windowsill!

Our values
  • We believe that kids who are gardening are more likely to make healthy food choices
  • We want people to gain confidence in growing and using a wider variety of herbs
  • You can reduce your food bill, whilst increasing your quality of ingredients!
  • By reducing our reliance on shop bought ‘fresh’ herbs we can reduce single use plastics that can’t be recycled.
  • We want to teach you to grow with no to little chemical intervention. Organic is easy – we promise.

You may have always wanted to grow your own food but didn’t know where to start. I hope to show you that we were able to transform a pretty bog standard garden with lawn and a bit of border. We mainly grow food that is hard to get in the shops and also food that is much more expensive to buy!

Herbs fell naturally into that category as to buy the quantity that we wanted to use was expensive and left no room to get a recipe wrong or to decide we didn’t like the end product!

I hope you all agree that the quality of what we eat is of paramount importance but that growing it should be fun and get the whole family involved.

So subscribe today to find out lots more fun ways to a healthier happier herbier garden!

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