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Seeds and Plants

The quality of our seeds and plants is paramount to getting the best from our garden.

We either buy from local garden centres and nurseries or via reputable online stores.

The top tip I have for you guys is even if buying locally, make sure that you buy known brand for seeds. That way you can ensure that the quality is there.

When it comes to producing high quality seeds that yield a good harvest, that is important.

Lot’s of reasons to impulse purchase the cheap seeds we see at the supermarkets and pound store, however if they don’t have that heritage to them then it can be harder to know what sort of crop you are likely to expect.

Both of the producers mentioned above are available on their own dedicated online stores, the links have been included. They are also available on Amazon and can be added to any wish lists for gift suggestions!

As well as buying seeds you can also purchase live plants in various sizes. They are accurate and arrive in a timely manner for planting out. That is the key.

Growing by seed is cheaper if you have the space and get your timings right, plugs and young plants can also fill an important role in your herb garden!

We have had a lot of great plugs including our French Tarragon which really took off almost immediately. Again though there is nothing to stop you buying from a local nursery, we are very lucky to have some great ones on our doorstep. I am a bit too impulsive when it comes to nurseries and do like to go online to clarify what I will be growing and plan from there though!

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