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Hand Tools and Plant Pots

Quality will last and we have a few broken tools in our potting shed from Mr T getting too enthusiastic with cheap equipment.

Here it really is a case of buy cheap, buy twice. However we do all have a budget. Tp make your money go further look to buy in the off season.

Plant Pots

We found a lot of plant pots on offer through our local freecycle page and this can be great for new gardeners. One lady just asked for a small donation to a local charity and that was an absolute pleasure. A few pots were broken, so we use those as drainage and now as plant markers too!

planter with drill and holes added
After I drilled small holes I then changed the drill bit and added larger holes. The trick is to let the drill do the work, do not force it or put any pressure on it at all!

I am continually annoyed that a lot of the more ornate plant pots do not come with drainage holes built in! So I made a little how to video to show you how easy it is to use a pilot drill and then a larger drill bit. You can find plenty of planters that do come with drainage already incorporated.

A good place to buy plant pots is a local nursery or via a reliable online nursery .I am an impulse buyer when I go to a nursery. Which can be expensive. If you are a bit guilty of this too, adopt the tactic of researching online and knowing what you want. You will get a more cohesive look to your herb garden and can inter plant with other edibles too.

Plant Theatres

It will help me to house my herbal tea garden as well as providing a pretty little display. Plus it is a way to separate the patio up to make it more snug. Basically I am writing this paragraph to try and help my husband out!

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