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Wax Warmer Vs Oil Diffuser

wax warmer vs oil diffuser

Whether you are looking to fill your home with fresh aroma from wax melts or oil diffusers there are certainly benefits and drawbacks to each method.

If you want an aroma that also has health benefits attached go for a oil diffuser and use only the best quality essential oils with it. If however you are looking for a strong aroma in a short space of time choose to use a wax warmer.

There are more reasons why I choose to use each one and I just want to share why my home uses both.

Wax Warmer Vs Oil Diffuser

When I was young I used to use a ceramic tray that was in a circle and it sat around the lightbulb. That was in the days when light bulbs got hot! But seriously, how unsafe was that? Flammable oils heated by an electric lightbulb. Let’s look at how far we have come since then!

Wax warmers work by heating a wax melt that will then deliver it’s aroma to the room. Some wax melts contain essential oils. An oil diffuser uses the process of fractioning to dissipate the essential oil around the room. Meaning no heat is applied and the essential oils benefits are not diminished.

Using heat to dissipate an essential oil can cause a degradation to the health benefits of the chosen essential oil.

There is a lot to choose between the two types of delivery and I have tried to sum it up as much as possible below. This is really based on our experiences and what we find important.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wax Warmers

There is variation in each type of wax warmer but I am looking at the plug in ones that rely on a lightbulb to heat the wax.

Advantages Of Wax Warmers

  1. Attractive and can be plugged in anywhere. We have one in our kitchen that is fun and full of color.
  2. You can use essential oils in the warmer, but be wary of discoloring
  3. A wax warmer has the advantage over a candle of being flameless, meaning you can use them in a windowsill or area where naked flames are banned
  4. You can use a wax warmer with wax that is infused with essential oils to get the health benefits as well as the aroma.
  5. Great when you want an instant ‘hit’ of aroma in a room.

Disadvantages Of Wax Warmers

  1. A pain to clean, even if you only use for wax you need to ‘sponge’ it out.
  2. You have hot wax, plugged into the electric. I don’t like it as we have small people roaming around the house so for this reason I plug it into the higher kitchen unit sockets.
  3. You can end up adding chemicals to your home if you don’t buy from a reputable company.
  4. The aroma in a wax warmer does tend to be stronger than in an oil diffuser, however unless you move around it can tend to be a bit focused in one area. So even in a larger room the scent won’t drift around unless there is a breeze or draft.
  5. If you are using wax melts that have essential oils in, then you are some what denaturing them by heating. It’s not as bad as direct heating, but it still changes the composition of the oils.
  6. Can’t be left on all night as they rely on heat and it can be a hazard.

Pro’s and Con’s Of Oil Diffusers

There is no one size fits all solution to using an oil diffuser in your home.

I have both a wax warmer and an oil diffuser, I use at different times and for different reasons. My oil diffuser is used over night and gives a regular puff of essential oils with their healing properties. My wax warmer is in my kitchen to kill off persistent cooking smells.

There are some very specific reasons to use an oil diffuser though, as well as a few reasons to be cautious.

Advantages Of Oil Diffusers

  1. Oil diffusers are attractive and can be USB plug in or socket plug in type
  2. Oil diffusers are easily changed for a new aroma
  3. Easy and quick to clean – oil diffusers can be wiped clean
  4. No heating of the essential oils so no degradation of the quality when you use an oil diffuser
  5. No risk of fire or burning with oil diffusers
  6. Can be set to give regular puff’s of diffused oil or a constant stream of oil
  7. The model I use, available here, also has a gentle bubbling sound that really helps me to sleep, the seeping sound of the diffused oil with the warm light helps as well. Perfect for kids who are struggling to sleep as well.
  8. Oil diffusers are known to help to aid congestion
  9. Oil diffusers are used to help with sleep and relieving anxiety
  10. Oil diffusers are also used to aid relief from migraines and headaches

I mostly use mine at night as it is a more gentle aroma, but I know people who use them for guided meditation or yoga as well.

Disadvantages Of Oil Diffusers

  1. Can be an expensive initial outlay
  2. Some essential oils are not recommended for households with babies or animals in. This is just because the oil diffuser will deliver the actual essential oil rather than a fragrance oil.
  3. You only put a few drops of the oil into the diffuser and it therefore delivers a more gentle aroma.

In Summary Wax Warmers Vs Oil Diffusers

I like both and don’t really have an overall winner I’m afraid.

Wax warmers and oil diffusers are available flame free, with a range of scents available. Wax warmers have a smaller initial cost, but ensuring you buy melts with essential oil in can be pricey. Diffusers offer a lower level of aroma and do not use heat, which can degrade the essential oils.

I feel like both have a place in your home and as long as you keep the wax warmer out of the reach of children and pets they are safe. I would let the kids have an oil diffuser in their room and when used with the correct essential oils it can help with congestion and coughs.

Please do let us know your own benefits and pet hates for both wax warmers and oil diffusers. It would be great to hear how other families use them as well! More than just for getting rid of the smell of last nights cooking I am sure!

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